Interlingua – your translation agency for 64 languages

New technologies have completely revolutionised the world of communication. Thanks to electronic mail and the internet, we can send information to the four corners of the earth within seconds. But to ensure the message truly comes across, it is imperative to have an accurate translation. No easy undertaking if you consider that there are approx. 4,000 languages and dialects all over the world.

Our professionally trained specialist translators work hard to ensure that our clients’ documents, technical texts, contracts, catalogues, statements, minutes, websites, etc. are translated true to the original into the language required. As a leader in the field of translation, our agency has meticulously translated more than 1.5 million pages of text to our clients’ utmost satisfaction over the past 35 years. Thanks to our mother-tongue professionals with specialist training and long-standing experience in their areas of expertise, we can deal with the most complex technical texts. Furthermore, all translations are double-checked and reviewed by our proof-readers.

We not only offer top quality, but also work with utmost discretion. All documents entrusted to our agency are treated with complete confidentiality; our staff are bound by professional secrecy.

Our services:

  • Specialist translations into 64 languages
    Our professionally trained and certified specialists translate a vast variety of texts into 64 languages. A multitude of language combinations is available. No matter whether the translation or proofing of press releases, key-note speeches, specialist articles, modern and classic literature, theses, websites, etc. – we will always have the right specialist to translate the text correctly and unambiguously into the language required.


  • Express translations
    We offer our top-notch express translation service to meet urgent requirements. Simply give us a call or contact us by email to find out how quickly a translation can be delivered in a specific target language.


  • Certified translations
    Translations must be certified for use as a legal document. This is particularly the case if they need to be presented to authorities (reports, testimonials, certificates, legal rulings, contracts, etc.). We will gladly have translations certified for you, or obtain an Apostille or Authentication from the authorities responsible.