Interpreting services around the globe

Globalisation, migration and enhanced political relations have led to the establishment of more and more international contacts. This in turn has boosted the demand for highly qualified interpreters who guarantee that the spoken word is conveyed fully and accurately in the languages required, for example, at conferences, congresses, conventions, meetings, trials, etc. Although interpreters usually carry out their work in the background, the success of the event mainly depends on the qualifications of the language specialists employed. In addition to their perfect command of the language, they must also be well versed in the subject matter to ensure that technical terminology is always interpreted correctly into the target language. Good interpreters prevent misunderstandings and allow you to make best use of the time available.

Our services:

  • Conference/simultaneous interpreters
    The interpretation of up to 64 languages at congresses, conferences and conventions by highly qualified interpreters all over the world. Specialised interpreters who are proficient in all major fields. Employed also for whispered interpreting and video and teleconferences.


  • Consecutive interpreters, interpretation of negotiations, escort interpreters
    For business trips, business meetings, factory tours, tradeshows, diplomatic contacts, humanitarian missions, etc. Our interpreters play an important role in communication all over the world. A large number of international organisations trust in our reliable language specialists.


  • Court interpreters
    State authorised and sworn interpreters ensure that legal proceedings, the examination of witnesses and the provision of international legal assistance run smoothly.


  • Sign language interpreters
    If need be, Interlingua can provide highly-qualified sign language interpreters.