Your partner for language stays and language trips

English in Brighton, French in Nice or Spanish in Valencia – we have partners in more than 50 cities in six continents and will find the right solution for you. No matter if you want to improve your language skills for private or for professional reasons, the immersion method where you attend a local school is the most efficient way to success! In close cooperation with the best language schools in the respective countries, we will arrange a tailor-made programme to suit your individual needs. Groups (e.g. school classes) will benefit from especially favourable terms and conditions.

In addition, some schools offer specialist courses for e.g. lawyers, clerks, executive officers, employees in the tourism industry and people who are interested in art and design. The special programmes are geared to your requirements to maximise the learning effect and ensure that you get the best out of your language trip.


Please contact us in advance via telephone or e-mail for an appointment if you would like to discuss solutions tailored to your needs.



Our services:

  • We organise language trips and language stays all over the world
    No matter where you want to learn a language or perfect your skills, we will find the right school for you. We will organise your entire language stay, starting from your trip there, accommodation and language courses to your trip home.


  • We put together special programmes to suit your needs
    You might want to brush up your language skills for private or professional reasons. What’s most important, however, is that the courses are tailored to your individual requirements. We will compile a programme that best suits your needs.


  • We will advise you on the right school
    You would like to learn English, but are not sure whether Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada or the USA is best for you? We will show you which schools in which countries are best suited to achieve the objectives you have set yourself for your language stay.